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WELCOME TO REGION 12 , the Texas and Oklahoma division of the Scottish–American Military Society (SAMS), a non-profit organization founded and chartered in North Carolina , April 12, 1981, with the following purpose:

To preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage, by:

  • Providing a forum for exchange of military history and genealogical information
  • Conducting public education programs
  • Presenting military student honor awards
  • Supporting Scottish activities at Highland Games
  • Making contributions to qualified scholarship funds or institutions
  • Making appropriate charitable contributions
  • Providing a fraternal atmosphere for members

The Society was founded as a veterans organization. The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served –– or are serving –– in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth.

Region 12 Commanders Message

Philosophy: No system or Organization is sound unless one of it's principles is the empowerment of the leader to use his/her own initiative and ingenuity to accomplish the organizations goals.

Greetings: Congratulations on finding this site on the ever exploding Wide World of the Web. The first thing you need to know and understand is that the Scottish American Military Society is a veterans organization and not a militia! SAMS is looking for veterans (US and British Commonwealth), current military service members, and contract ROTC or service academy cadets of Scottish or Scots-Irish ancestry to join our ranks.

I am also looking for members and potential members who will be engaged enough to participate in our activities and functions in order to not only increase our presence and numbers in the Region, but also to enhance what their Post or Camp can accomplish by expanding what that Post or Camp is capable to achieve.

If you qualify for membership you will be welcomed to join and participate in a Post, or help to organize and form one. This site contains a wealth of information which may answer most of your questions. Please feel free to contact me, Bill Stevens, or any of th Post officers, or Points-of-Contact (POCs) listed bellow, for any questions you may have.

Although every Post and Camp is a part of the whole, each Post within the Society has it's own 'flavor' which makes it unique.

My personal goal as Regional Commander is to increase the number of Posts within the Region which includes both Texas and Oklahoma. My wish is that each and every one of these Posts has the enthusiastic and engaged membership to ensure the success of that Post.

Even though I have several Posts forming, if you live in an area outside of any of these Post areas or you want to join SAMS, but not join a Post, which is possible, you would fall into a status of a 'Member-at-Large' (MAL). You are very welcome to do so.

I hope I have the privilege to meet you. I attend several Scottish Festivals around Texas and Oklahoma during the year, please check the 'Activities' tab elsewhere on this site for details. If you do join up, don't be a stranger. One of our main goals is camaraderie and fellowship.

Bill Stevens
Commander SAMS Region 12


Region 12 Commander Bill Stevens

By Mail
SAMS Region 12
8001 W. Elizabeth Ln.
Fort Worth, TX 76116

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SAMS Post 1298
Central Texas
Commander George Shott
SAMS Post 1836
San Antonio, TX
Mike Canion, Post Commander

SAMS Post 1845
North Central Texas
Commander Thomas Duncan
417 Shumard Oak Trail
Keller, TX 76248

Tulsa, OK
Jeff Williamson, POC

Austin, TX
Frank Woodall, POC
SAMS Camp 1835
Houston, TX
Commander Carl E. Mathews



































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